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  • Who created the token and the NFTs
    The entire Char Capital Group team is part of the development of the token and NFTs.
  • How secure is the CCG token?
    In the following link you can see a security report made by an external company on the security of the token. .pdf
  • What audits were performed on the CCG token
    In the following link you can see an audit carried out by CERTIK. .pdf
  • What is the official address of the token
    The official address of the ERC20 token: 0xB1080D29B2826f40a497a59AE03EeE16FFC0c3a9
  • Where can I see the authenticity of the token
    In the following ETHERSCAN link you can see all the token transactions, and the current digital wallets that store the token.
  • What is the interest of the CCG token
    - Over time it will be used in all the companies allied to the business group. - Over time, people who pay with the token will receive discounts or better prices. - Value is stored over time, there are only 10,000,000 tokens and no more can be created. -They will have exclusive access and benefits in the products developed by Char Capital Group. (Application for mobile devices, accompaniment to have good mental health, educational talks on finance and market behavior, among other benefits that will come over time and according to what the community wants to use the token.) -Over time it is expected to reward users with utilities generated by the project itself (These utilities will be paid with the same token to generate more uses within the ecosystem) -The 1% collected from the commission will be used to build high-tech sustainable environments in vulnerable areas.
  • Liability of Char Capital Group
    Char capital group is an investment fund with its own money, currently we are not collecting money for investments from outsiders. Our token and nft makes no valuation promises and we are not responsible for any losses or errors, the use of any of our products or services is at your own risk.
  • What companies does the group have?
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